The Southern California Ordinal Scales of Development (SCOSD) is a complete Piagetian assessment system for the classroom and clinic. Standardized and field-tested in both settings, it is effective with all children and especially useful for multi- and severely handicapped, developmentally delayed, and learning disordered children.

The Scales measure the quality of each response, not merely whether it can be elicited. Each scale may be used independently. All procedures and materials are easily adapted to meet the needs of each child, so that children never have to perform against their own physical restrictions.

The Ordinal Scales provide a clear guide to what is profitable to teach a given child at a given time. They are among the most culture-free and non-sexist instruments available, and assess infant through adult responses.

Developed for the California State Department of Education by the Diagnostic School for Neurologically Handicapped Children, Southern California (now called the Diagnostic Center, Southern California).

Scale of

The core areas of assessment in Cognition are Development of Means, Object Concept, and Imitation. Each area is considered from Sensorimotor through Formal Operations, according to Piaget's model of development.

Scale of

Examines the full range of oral and gestural expression and comprehension in Piaget's model of development. The scale is first divided into Receptive and Expressive Behavior, and within each division it assesses: Awareness of Self and Environment, Imitation, Communicative Mediation, and Symbolization.

Scale of
Social-Affective Behavior

This scale assesses two strands: Self-Awareness and Relationships with Others. The procedures consist of observations, interviews, and simulations designed to determine the level and quality of a child's social and affective functioning.

Scale of
Practical Abilities

Examines the development of personal independence and the ability to care for one's own basic needs. The strands are Eating, Dressing, Personal Hygiene, and Safety and Social Awareness.

Scale of
Fine Motor Abilities

Dexterity, Perceptual Motor, and Graphomotor Development

Scale of
Gross Motor Abilities

Development of Strength, Balance, Mobility, and Coordination